Hazrat Syed Shah Abdul Shakur R.A.

 Tarbha,Odisha, India


Sayyed Abdul Sakur Baba was born on 20 June 1831 in Kandhar, Afghanistan. His father's name was Sayyed Mohammed Siddiq. Baba Huzur worked as a Muzavar for the Greatest Peer aane peer Gause aazam Dastageer Sayyedana Gouse E Azam (R.Z) for 30 years in Baghdad Shareef. Then later; Baba Huzur migrated to Tarbha in Orissa in 1931. At the time of migration to Tarbha, Baba Huzur was about 100 years. Baba Huzur Migrated to Tarbha on the direct orders of Sayyedana Gouse e Azam (R.Z). In the Sufi order Baba Huzur is so well known that during his reign, even other Awliya (Saints) used to come from far away places and visit him and take his blessings. Before Baba Huzur came to Tarbha, Tarbha was a very remote village and there was no proper access to this village. Prior to his migration to Tarbha, people of Tarbha, used to suffer a lot because of black magic powers. After Tarbha Waale Baba settled in Tarbha he fought against all the odds and destroyed the black magic powers from the village. Baba Huzur cured the leprosy patients of Tarbha. He had the miraculous power by which he cured many incurable diseases of the people. Thousands of people from India and even foreigners used to come and visit him and used to take his blessings. Though he was very rich man but he never lived a lavish life, he lived in a small house (hut) and he prayed five times Namaz. Later he built a grand mosque at Tarbha. He is also known a lot for his charitable works. People from Tarbha, still discuss about his several karamats (miracles) and because of Tarbha Waale Baba, many people refer the name of Tarbha Village with love and respect as Tarbha Shareef.

He left this world in the year 1984 on March 16 at 10:05 PM. He was allegedly 154 years at the time of his death.

Additional Info

His shrine or Dargah is located in Tarbha under Sonepur District, Orissa. Every year Urs ceremony is organized by Urs Committee of Tarbha, where many people from different religions (Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs) come and receive the blessings of Tarba Waale Baba. Devotees from Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Nepal, Bangladesh and Afghanistan also come to receive the blessing of Tarbha Baba. The shrine of Sayyed Abdul Sakur Baba is a symbol of communal harmony among the different communities, particularly the people of western Orissa.

  How to Reach: From Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar the dargah is approx. 300 KM. It is 24 KM from Balangir station, 23 KM from Bolangir Bus Stand and 2.4 KM from Bairasar Bus Stop.,

Nearest City : Balangir
Nearest Bus Stop : Bairasar Bus Stop
Nearest Airport : Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar
Nearest Railway Station : Balangir Junction
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