Syed Saiyeeduddin Kanoon Rehmat Ullah Aleh chishtiya

 Gwalior,Madhya Pradesh, India


Hazrat Kanoon Sahib was born in 853 Hijri that is In 1434 A. D. in Nagore, a village near Jodhpur (Rajasthan). His ancestors had come from Khurasan and settled there. He was barely fourteen years of age when in the year 1448 A.D he com­pleted his education and got himself enlis­ted in the Royal Army. Soon he began to realize the emptiness of life he was hitherto leading. A heavenly voice spoke within him. He was commanded to free himself from all worldly bondages. He distributed all his belongings amongst the poors and cladd­ing himself in a lone blanket he set out on his holy mission. At the age of twenty-one he become a staunch disciple of Khwaja JalalSufi Hamidduddin Nagori and Khwaja Gharib Nawaz Ajmeri, who happened to be his ancestor from his mother's side. He reached Nagore to pay homage at the Dar­gah of the great one. Here he also took farewell from his relatives and kinsmen and thereafter proceeded on foot to Aimer. He took to prayers and penances at Ana-sagar in a cave, situated near the CHILLA of Khwaja Kutub Sahib.

At last, as an act of extreme penance he drowned his head and face in the outlet of the water that flowed from the Dargah of Garib Nawaz and poured into a pool near ­by. Thus forgetting even his very existence he remained there for a long time till Khwaja Garib Nawaz himself appeared to enlighten him. He felt the tender touch of the holy hand over his head and heard the prophetic voice of the holiest, "Khanoon, my child, God has ordained you to be His torchbearer from the day you were born. Now get up and present yourself to Khwaja Ismail of Nagore. Be blessed with his profound spiritual benedictions. Go to him, for with your fate in hand he awaits you at Chanderi, Thus awakened from his trance and inspired by the pious utterings of the Garib Nawaz, Khwaja Khanoon Sahib set out towards Chanderi. However, on reaching his destination, he instead of going directly to Khwaja Ismail, establish­ed himself in a mountain cave, for he did not deem it proper to present himself before his teacher till being so commanded by him. In the cave he gave himself up to terrible penances and profound medita­tion. Years slipped away like this. Thick layers of dust settled on his whole being and many a time hedges grew and dried up on his mud-covered body. At last Khwaja Garib Nawaz had a spiritual communion with Khwaja Ismail and told him how Khanoon Sahib was awaiting his Summons in that cave of Chanderi, "Let him be summoned before you" continued the great seer "Bless him with your introspective knowledge and spiritual wisdom and command him to settle at Gwalior to carry out the work of God. The very next day, when the sun had not yet come out of the eastern horizon, Khwaja Ismail ordered his disciples to bring Khanoon Sahib to his presence. On reaching the mountain cave the disciples found Kanoon Sahib in a State of complete trance. If he was not mistaken for dead it was because his nails and the hair had grown large. He was bodily lifted along with the dried clay that had accumulated on his whole being, and was brought before Khwaja Ismail in a planquin On seeing him in that state the Holy one loudly called out in his ear "Baba Khanoon", At this sacred command of the blessed sage Khanoon Sahib opened his eyes. He had become alarmingly weak and it took him several days to regain his vitality. However, on becoming normal again, he was summoned before Khwaja Ismail Sahib and on 9th Zilhij" which happen to be a special day of 'Haj'. Khwaja Ismail blessed Khanoon Sahib with all that hea­venly wisdom and insight which he himself had imbibed from his father and preceptor. He instructed Khanoon Sahib to first go to Aimer and then to settle at Gwalior to spread out the message of God and the gospel of truth and righteousness.

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Hazrat Kanoon Sahib died in 1940 Hijri, according to the Islamic Calendar. It is believed that if you visit the Dargah regularly for 40 days all your desires will be fulfilled.

  How to Reach: The dargah is around 14 km from Rajmata Vijay Raje Scindia Airport Gwalior and around 1.8 km from Gwalior Junction station and 3.1 km from Gwalior Bus Stand. City buses are available for dargah. Taxis and three wheelers are other available options,

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