Hazrat Mir Ahmad Ibrahim, Hazrat Mir Amjad Ibrahim and Hazrat Abdus Salaam Ibrahim

 Madurai,Tamil Nadu, India


In Madurai, in southern Tamil Nadu there are many Dargahs of Waliyullahs, but the term "Madurai Maqbara" generally refers to the Dargahs of three saints: Mir Ahmad Ibrahim, Mir Amjad Ibrahim, and Abdus Salaam Ibrahim. The birth of these three Waliyullahs was declared by Hazrat Nabi Sulaiman, the messenger of Allah, and a genie called Jaimur was deployed by Hazrat Sulaiman to serve them. The place where these three sheikhs' graves are found is called Maqbara and is in the premises of Kazimar Big mosque (Periya Pallivasal) in the Heart of Madurai, city which is the cultural capital of Tamilnadu in South India.

The birth of the elder or Periya Hazrat is considered a wonder. Hazrat’s father was a simple man, his wife once had dreamt about Hazrat. Syed Ibrahim Sahid Badusha of Erwadi came and called her to Erwadi for Ziyarat to have a child. The Maulana was born after three years with the blessings of Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed. Meer Ibrahim came to the Madarasa for pursuing education and was very backward in studies, so the teacher advised him to leave the madarasa. The Periya Hazrat went to bed after offering prayers to Allah. That night he had a dream that people were rushing to see Allah’s Tajalli and he also joined them, at a hill, they have a glimpse of Allah’s Tajali. Next day his teacher asked him to leave the Madarasa since his teacher felt that he wasn’t qualified to be taught by him. But with Allah’s blessings, Meer became educated and started the Madarasa at Madurai for all Muslims. He served as the Government Chief Kazi of Madurai and Kaziul Kuzaat of Nawab of Carnatic. Also, he brought fame to Khilafatship and Kaziship in Madurai and nearby parts. He died at the age of 63. The Chinna Hazrat Meer Amjad Ibrahim was also with him always and had the blessings of Qizar who has helped many with his divine power. Chinna Hazrat’s elder son Abdus Salaam Ibrahim was also highly spiritual and devoted for the cause of Muslims.

Additional Info

Periya is a Tamil word that in English means elder or big, and Kabeer in Arabic. Similarly, Chinna is a Tamil word which translates to younger or small in English, and in Arabic means "Sagheer" Hence, Meer Ahmed Ibrahim is called Elder Hazrat or and Meer Amjad Ibrahim is called Younger Hazrat.

  How to Reach: From Madurai International Airport, the Dargah is 10.1 KM. It is only 600 m from Madurai Junction Railway Station, It is only 240 m from Complex Bus Stand.,

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Nearest Railway Station : Madurai Junction
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