Dargah Of: Al-Shaykh Al-Sayyid Ahmad al-Badawi(RaliyaAllahu Anhu)

Sayyidina Ahmad al-Badawi

  Tawakol, Tanta Qism 2, Tanta / Gharbia Governorate / Egypt . PIN: -

  How to Reach:   Cairo International Airport, 115 KM, Tanta 4 KM, Bus Middle Delta, Yehya Al Watan 4.3 KM,

  Nearest City : Tanta,   Bus Stop : Bus Middle Delta, Yehya Al Watan,   Airport : Cairo International Airport,   Railway Station :Tanta

  Contact Person Name :   Not Available

  Contact Person Phone:   Not Available

  Dargah History :   Shaykh al-Badawi also known as the Shaykh of the Arabs traces his lineage back to Imam al-Husayn (may God be pleased with him). His ancestors traveled from the Hijaz to the western lands of .....

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